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The Petfix Vet Spot on RTE’s Right now Present: parasite management

The Petfix Vet Spot on RTE’s Today Show: parasite control


Watch the video about to see the vet spot on the Right now Present and study parasite management in pets. Learn on under for extra of the main points.

Pet parasites

Most of us love our pets, and we like to carry them and hug them, however there’s one facet of the animals in our lives that may make us uneasy: the parasites that they will carry, in and out. A current survey of over 1000 canine house owners discovered that whereas most individuals (85%) are glad to hug their canine, almost a 3rd had discovered pet parasites on themselves or their kids. This in itself is sufficient to make most individuals really feel uneasy, however maybe the most important drawback is the uncertainty that accompanies worry of parasites: most individuals don’t know which parasites are probably the most harmful for our pets’ well being or for human well being.
The survey discovered that the majority house owners enable their pets to get very shut throughout each day actions: they allow them to sleep on the mattress, in addition to sitting on the couch or on their lap. Many even enable their pets to lick their faces and provides them “kisses”. Just a few house owners go even additional, permitting their pets to lick the household’s plates and sit up on the dinner desk. The sort of shut contact might be a part of the pleasure of sharing your life along with your pets, however what concerning the potential well being threat from parasites that your pet could be internet hosting? Over a 3rd of individuals say they by no means take into consideration this facet.

So what actions do individuals have to take to guard their pets and their households from parasites?

  • The excellent news is that if easy steps are taken, any threat might be minimised.
  • One of the best reply is a complete parasite management programme in your pet.

Parasites fall into two teams: exterior and inside.

Exterior parasites

Exterior parasites stay exterior the pet: fleas, ticks, lice and mites. Only a few of those creepy crawlies will truly infest people, however the mere considered them in your pet is sufficient to make you are feeling itchy.

  1. Fleas
    Fleas are frequent: the climate is heat sufficient in Eire for fleas to breed exterior from April to September, so your canine and cat can simply choose them up in the event that they go to out of doors areas which different pets frequent. And as soon as fleas have been introduced into your house, they are going to lay eggs in your carpets which might hatch out something as much as a 12 months later. Animals don’t all the time itch once they have fleas, so you must verify your pet repeatedly to make sure that they don’t seem to be harbouring tiny passengers. Even when you don’t see stay fleas, you might even see “flea filth”, tiny specks of dried blood which seem black if you discover them in your pet’s coat, however which streak reddish-brown when positioned on moist cotton wool. Fleas won’t infest people, however they could take just a few bites of individuals’s ankles and different areas of uncovered flesh.
    Many individuals desire to stop fleas quite than ready till they’ve arrived of their house to take care of them.
    A spread of efficient flea prevention merchandise can be found, together with sprays, shampoos, spot-on merchandise, tablets and collars.
    Some should be used as soon as a month, as soon as each 2 months, or each 3 months, relying on the product
    It’s essential to recollect to deal with the pet’s surroundings in addition to the animal itself: solely 5% of the overall flea inhabitants is on the pet, with 95% of the fleas within the carpets, flooring and bedding, as microscopic flea eggs and larvae. You have to use a particular family spray to cease these from turning into grownup fleas.
  2. Ticks, lice, mites
    Different exterior parasites – ticks, lice and mites – are much less frequent than fleas and a few flea management merchandise additionally deal with for these creepy crawlies.
    Alternatively, in case your pet simply choose up an occasional tick, it could be adequate to easily take away these with a particular tick eradicating device

Inside parasites

“Inside parasites” or worms – may also infest your pet, together with roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and others.

  1. Roundworm

Most of those are innocent to people, and simply trigger delicate illness to pets, however the canine roundworm – Toxocara canis – and to a lesser extent, the cat roundworm – Toxocara cati – are nicely often called potential human pathogens.

The sequence of occasions is straightforward. The grownup worms, lurking contained in the pet’s intestines, lay eggs which can be handed within the faeces. The eggs are initially innocent to people, however after mendacity on the bottom for 2 or three weeks, they become infectious larvae, like microscopic caterpillars. If these get onto a toddler’s palms, after which into their mouth, they are going to develop additional inside their digestive tract. Tiny worms go by way of the kid’s intestinal wall, into their blood stream, after which round their physique. Most frequently, these worms settle in innocent locations like muscle groups, forming benign cysts that do nor hurt. But when the worms occur to settle behind the attention, the cysts may cause blindness in kids. That is exceptionally uncommon, but it surely’s the explanation why it’s so essential to worm pets repeatedly, and to select up pet faeces in order that it isn’t within the surroundings for lengthy sufficient to develop into harmful.

It’s essential to provide your pet an efficient wormer, and to provide it usually sufficient: often as soon as a month, or as soon as each three months, relying in your scenario. (I’ll convey some tablets)

2. Lungworm

It’s additionally essential to contemplate the canine lungworm. Canine can choose this up by consuming contaminated slugs and snails, they usually most likely do that with out their house owners noticing, by frequent behaviours like chewing grass. The incidence of lungworm is rising, most likely as a consequence of local weather change, and new instances at the moment are being seen in beforehand unaffected areas. Most vets now focus on lungworm prevention with house owners throughout routine well being checks.
Lungworm settles into canine’ lungs, inflicting them to cough, however the extra worrying impact is that it might cease the blood clotting, and there have been instances of beforehand wholesome canine dying all of the sudden, and on post-mortem, they’ve been discovered to died of a mind haemorrhage, they usually have additionally had a hidden lungworm an infection. For that reason, in case your canine is seen to eat slugs or snails, or to chew grass repeatedly, then you must speak to your vet a couple of prescription solely preventive remedy particularly for lungworm: these might be “spot on” merchandise or tablets.


  • Fleas are frequent in Eire: many individuals desire to stop them utilizing common treatment
  • Ticks are typically seen: if simply occasional, then take away them with a device, if they’re usually seen, use preventive treatment
  • Roundworms are frequent and may infect people, so common treatment for worms is crucial for all pets
  • Lungworm may cause inside bleeding in canine, so in case your canine eats slugs and snails or chews grass repeatedly, common particular preventive treatment is essential
  • At Petfix Membership, we now have a parasite prevention planner device that helps individuals work out the most secure solution to defend their pets and their household from parasites

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