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TJ the rabbit and Molly the canine

TJ the rabbit and Molly the dog


Molly was 9 years outdated when TJ arrived into Marie’s family: he was only a child rabbit, and Molly took to him directly. At first Marie was cautious about permitting her canine get too near a younger creature which is likely to be seen as prey, however Molly made it clear that she wished to be pleasant with the brand new arrival. It was as if she wished to mom him: she tucked him into the curve of her physique when she curled as much as sleep, and he loved the eye, snuggling into her as if she was a substitute for his personal mom. Marie’s two cats additionally accepted the younger rabbit as a pal fairly than an enemy.

TJ is stored as a “home bunny”, dwelling free-range in Marie’s home, utilizing a litter tray like a cat, and doing precisely as he pleases. He was neutered when he was one yr outdated, as a result of he was beginning to be a bit too adventurous, making an attempt to observe the cats out by the cat flap and even trying to jump over the backyard wall outdoors. Because the operation, TJ has settled down, and he now lives fortunately indoors, spending most of his daytime hours in Molly’s firm.


He hops round after her, and if she settles down for a sleep on the couch, he’ll leap up beside her and tuck himself in at her facet. Molly and TJ are even fed collectively, with their meals bowls facet by facet: there’s no competitors for meals, as a result of Molly’s a carnivore, and TJ is a herbivore.  Within the evenings, each Molly and TJ sit with Marie, with the three of them watching tv collectively.

A month in the past, Marie seen that TJ had began to sneeze extra typically than earlier than, and he had developed a discharge from his proper eye. At first she thought he may simply have a chilly, however when a swelling got here up on his proper cheek, she realised that one thing extra critical was happening, and he or she introduced him to our clinic. It turned out that TJ had an abscess, most probably related to considered one of his tear ducts.


Abscesses in rabbits could be very critical: the an infection could be tough to eradicate. They typically have to be handled like a type of malignant most cancers, chopping them out fully, in addition to treating them with lengthy programs of excessive ranges of potent antibiotics. TJ was admitted for an operation to take away the abscess surgically, ending up with a two-inch incision and a row of stitches in his face. Marie was given detailed directions on post-operative care: he was to be given his antibiotic floor up into some tasty meals, and he was to have the wound gently bathed twice each day.

Marie discovered it tough to provide him the antibiotic – he’s a fussy eater – however the wound bathing was far simpler than she had anticipated: Molly determined to do it for her. As quickly as TJ got here residence, Molly went as much as him. They sniffed nose-to-nose, then Molly gently began to lick TJ’s wound. Marie was about to cease her from doing this, however she didn’t have to: after a couple of licks, Molly stopped herself. A easy however efficient routine quickly developed – two or thrice a day, Molly licked TJ’s face. It was far more practical and stress-free than if Marie had tried to pin TJ right down to do it herself.

Two weeks later, I eliminated the sutures from the abscess wound, and it’s healed completely. Because of Molly’s pure nursing expertise, TJ is again to regular.

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