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Archie is a six yr previous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Archie is a six year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Marie first talked about Archie’s eye drawback when she introduced him in for his annual well being test in September. At that stage, she advised me that each his eyes appeared crimson, they usually appeared as if there was some kind of movie over the floor. Once I checked out him, I agreed that Archie’s eyes appeared to have a duller floor than regular.

The commonest reason behind this drawback is “Dry Eye”. The tear glands in a single or each eyes cease producing as many tears as regular, so the attention actually dries out. This dryness causes elevated friction between the within of the eyelids and the floor of the attention, leading to a painful, uncomfortable eye. Some breeds, together with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, are susceptible to Dry Eye, particularly in center age. I did a easy take a look at on Archie to verify the prognosis.


The take a look at is named the “Schirmer Tear Take a look at”:  a brief strip of filter paper is positioned into the attention, and the quantity of tears produced is measured in millimetres over one minute. A traditional canine produces greater than 15mm of tears; a canine with superior Dry Eye might produce no tears in any respect. Archie’s take a look at end result was regular in his left eye, however the tear manufacturing in his proper eye was diminished, at solely 9mm. Archie was within the early phases of creating Dry Eye.  I gave him a course of eye drops to deal with any underlying an infection which could possibly be quickly reducing his tear stream, and I organized to see him a month later.

When he got here again in October, the tear stream in his proper eye had elevated to 14mm: this was very practically regular. His eye was comfy once more, and the redness had gone away. I nonetheless suspected that he was on the verge of creating a long run drawback, however in the intervening time, no extra therapy was wanted.

The issue returned final week: Marie seen that Archie’s eye was half closed, very first thing one morning. She introduced him again and I measured his tear stream once more. This time the tear stream in his proper eye was all the way down to 12mm: considerably lower than regular. I mentioned the therapy choices for Dry Eye with Marie.


The best reply is a particular anti-inflammatory ointment. Dry eye is brought on by irritation of the tear glands, and common software of the particular ointment is usually sufficient to restart the tear stream. Nonetheless it’s an expensive ointment, and never each case is extreme sufficient to require it.

An easier therapy is common software of synthetic tears. These are cheaper, they usually work by merely changing the tears that the canine should be producing naturally. Archie solely has a gentle drawback, so he’s been began on these as a primary line measure: if they don’t resolve the issue, the dearer ointment will likely be wanted.

In superior circumstances, the dryness of the eyes might be so extreme that no ointment or drops is efficient sufficient to assist. Radical surgical procedure by a specialist could also be wanted: one of many salivary glands is re-routed in order that as an alternative of its duct opening into the within of the mouth, it opens into the inside eye. Saliva has related lubricating properties to tears, and a canine is best ready to deal with a dry mouth than with a dry eye.

There’s solely drawback with a re-routed salivary duct: canines look as if they’re crying earlier than meals, as a result of the sight of meals once they’re hungry prompts a surge of saliva manufacturing into the attention.

Archie’s doing properly on the tear drops,and Marie’s hoping that he’ll by no means want the advanced surgical procedure. He likes his meals a lot that he’d be crying on a regular basis.

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